The idea of getting on a treadmill when you could be snuggling that newborn baby of yours can seem absurd. When you finally get some time to yourself between the feedings and crying, you'd probably rather watch TV or take a nap than start exercising. However, there are little things you can do to help yourself bounce back after having a baby:

Don't rush yourself
Your body just did something awesome. Give credit where it's due. It may not be as slim as it was a year ago, but it's still doing its job. So don't rush into a weight loss plan right away. According to What to Expect, don't aim to lose more than a pound and a half a week, especially if you're nursing.

Exercise with your baby
While you don't want to bring a baby to the gym, there are exercises you can do with your baby in tow. Go for a daily walk with him or her, or if you're an avid runner, invest in a jogging stroller. Even carrying or wearing your baby burns calories. Why lift weights when you can lift your little bundle of joy? Getting some activity in as a new mom has other health benefits aside from slimming down as well. According to Parenting, regular exercise can lower your risk for postpartum depression.

"Exercise can also lower your risk for postpartum depression."

Watch your portions 
A nursing mom shouldn't diet, but she should eat mindfully. While you don't always have to deprive yourself to lose weight, you have to make sure you eat proper portions. Nuts are incredibly healthy, as they are full of the good fats and antioxidants, but they also add up to many calories. Yogurt has a lot of protein and calcium but can be high in sugar as well. Make sure you limit your portions while enjoying your favorite foods and try to eat a combination of fast and slow carbs and proteins at every meal.

Think about yourself
Moms tend to have a one-track mind that's always on their babies. However, it's beneficial for your child and your family if you're happy and healthy. While your new role in life may leave you feeling stressed and emotional, this stress can raise your cortisol levels, making you crave unhealthy foods that you might not normally want. If you get the chance to sit and relax for a while, make sure you take it. Also, don't hesitate to ask for help from friends or family.

Try to get some sleep
While full nights' rests may be few and far between with a baby in the house, not getting enough sleep plays a large role in an inability to lose weight. Try to nap when your baby does, or ask your partner to take the baby for a while when he or she gets home from work so you can get some uninterrupted shut-eye.

Ditch the maternity clothes
Yes, stretchy and loose clothes are comfortable, but many women find that they lose less weight if they wear loose-fitting clothes. Wearing tighter clothes can motivate you to get back to your pre-baby size or appreciate your body as it is. Regardless, don't try to hide your body!

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