Everyone's been there - you go to put on an outfit that you haven't worn in a while and it's a little snugger than you remember. After adjusting yourself and feeling uncomfortable all evening, you spend the next day researching weight loss tactics, just to lose steam a few days into your new weight-loss plan. Losing weight isn't a quick process, and keeping your motivation levels up for the duration can be tough, especially if it's taking longer than you'd like to see results. Don't lose hope, though! Check out these tried-and-true methods of staying motivated.

"Make your weight loss plans fun."

Think about more than just your looks
When it to comes losing weight, many people focus solely on getting ready for bikini season or fitting back into those skinny jeans. When you're too fixated on these goals, you become discouraged if it takes longer than you anticipate. Instead of focusing just on the superficial aspects of losing weight, think about the way you feel. Have you been able to stay active for longer and move faster than before? Are you sleeping better due to your increased activity? Do you have more energy throughout the day? Congratulations, you're succeeding at your plan.

Have fun with it
Don't like going to the gym? Sign up for a Pilates class or go running in the park instead. Does dressing in sweatpants and baggy t-shirts bore you? Splurge on some cute new fitness gear that you'll be excited to show off when you're working out. Sometimes it just takes little things like that to get you up and moving. It's also beneficial to find a fitness activity that you love, so it doesn't feel like you're doing work. Sure, pole dancing or hula hoop classes may not be the traditional route when it comes to fitness, but if you enjoy them and you're burning calories, embrace them!

Set attainable goals
Quickly losing weight is often not healthy or sustainable. Don't waste your time on unattainable goals like dropping 20 pounds in a week. Goals like this do nothing but discourage you in the long run. Aim to lose a reasonable amount of weight through physical activity and eating well. The Food Lovers Fat Loss System teaches you how to eat well and lose weight in a sustainable way without having to give up any of your favorite foods.

Treat yourself
If your plan is to lose 30 pounds, do something special for yourself when you hit that 15 pound mark. If there's a trip you want to take or an expensive purchase you hope to buy, splurge as a way of rewarding yourself. It's common to lose steam when you're halfway through because it may feel like it'll be an uphill battle to finish off. If you have that prize waiting for you at the halfway point, you'll be more likely to power through.

Don't take it so seriously
Sure, you want to lose weight or you wouldn't be reading this blog. However, a skipped exercise session or a particularly decadent meal isn't the end of the world. Make sure you give yourself a little bit of leeway so you don't burn out. You'll probably be more likely to keep your eating and exercise habits up for the long term if you aren't so strict with yourself. Think of your lifestyle changes as ways to practice self-care rather than methods to meet an objective. If you need a few days off from the gym, don't be afraid to take them, just get back on the bandwagon shortly.

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