There are two major reasons why people decide to lose weight: to improve their health and to feel better about themselves. Body confidence, or feeling at home in your own skin, is key to being happy with yourself no matter what number is on the scale. As part of your weight-loss journey, you will learn about body confidence and how to be more positive. Here are some tips to try:

Stop negative self-talk
Take a moment to think about what you've said to yourself lately. Chances are, it wasn't very nice. These negative thoughts can be really toxic. They reduce your mood and even though you didn't say a mean thing to yourself out loud, others may be able to tell how you feel about yourself. The best way to stop this bad habit is to talk to yourself like a friend. Instead of saying, "Ugh, you look terrible today," find something positive to say. "I like your shirt" or "Good job doing your makeup" are great options. Find something to compliment yourself on and practice doing so every day.

Dress to impress
OK, this sounds cliche, but many people's moods and opinions of themselves are affected by how they're dressed. This doesn't mean you need to don cocktail attire every time you leave your home. Instead, wear something you like that makes you feel comfortable.

"How you dress can greatly affect your mood."

Your personality should be the focal point of your outfits, so don't be afraid to add color or interesting details like jewelry and fun shoes. If you have a hard time finding clothes that makes you feel good, have some friends over to go through your wardrobe. Create some different looks and have your pals share what they like or ways they'd change the style. You'll gain new ways to mix and match your clothes and hear how great you look. Compliments can lead to confidence!

Find a diet plan that fits your lifestyle
As you progress on your weight-loss journey, you will gain body confidence. Making steps toward your goal will help you feel confident and proud, two emotions that truly emanate from upbeat, secure people. You'll look and feel great and, chances are, people will notice! The Food Lovers Fat Loss Program knows the value in learning a sustainable way to lose weight, and that's why our program focuses on changing your lifestyle, not just taking pills or eating pre-packaged meals. Your body confidence will soar when you learn how to eat your way to a better health and a slimmer, trimmer new you.


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