Our society focuses so much on attaining a "bikini body," but so little on what to do once you achieve it. Many people spend months preparing for their summer getaway, for that week spent carefree on the beach with a little swimsuit showing off what they've worked to hard to get. Does that mean your healthy lifestyle should be thrown out the window while you're on vacation? If you're looking to maintain your swimsuit season body, there are plenty of ways you can work your new healthy lifestyle choices into your summer trip.

Rent bikes and explore your vacation destination.Rent bikes and explore your vacation destination.

Work exercise into the itinerary
Exercise doesn't have to consist of just using the elliptical in the hotel gym. Rent a bike and explore the area where you're staying. Look up jogging paths or take a hike in the local park. Go on a long romantic walk on the beach. If you're staying within a mile of the restaurant you want to eat at or the attraction you want to see, simply walk there instead of driving. Exercise doesn't have to be grueling and inconvenient - sometimes it can actually help you get more out of your vacation.

Bring snacks
You're likely to enjoy some indulgent meals while on vacation, even if you're looking to maintain your healthy routine. There's nothing wrong with this - you've earned it! However, you probably want to save your indulgences for meal time. Before you leave for the airport, pack some healthy snacks like fruits, nuts and trail mix to tide you over while you're out and about. Not only will this keep you from buying unhealthy vending machine snacks, but it'll save you money as well. You'll have more to spend on souvenirs or memorable activities! If you're participating in the Food Lovers Fat Loss System, you'll be able to use the knowledge you've learned about creating a fat-loss plate while enjoying local cuisine.

Stay hydrated
Chances are, your vacation will take place in a warm area and you'll consume more adult beverages than you would when you're at home. You'll probably be moving around more than usual, rather than sitting at your desk within an arm's reach of water. These are all risk factors for dehydration, which can be a real drag when you're away from home. Keep a water bottle with you on all of your adventures to ensure you're getting enough water.

Stay healthy mentally
We all need vacations once in a while. You aren't on the clock while you're on vacation, so leave your work worries at the office. Keep your daily stressors at home and keep your mind on vacation. Don't constantly check your social media and definitely leave your work laptop behind. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, even though we don't always acknowledge it. While not everybody's work schedule or wallets allow them to take 10-day vacations, longer trips can be the most beneficial, as it take a good few days to really disconnect and relax.