It's easy to blame foods that are high in fat for weight gain, which is why many diets cut most of them out. You're left with healthy options, like fruits and veggies, but let's be honest - those are kind of boring. Also, who has ever been kept full very long by a salad? No one. That's who.

Still, many people fall into the low-fat diet trap because they figure it will help them achieve their weight-loss goals in the long run. However, a new study published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology journal found this isn't necessarily true. According to the study, low-fat diets are not any more effective than other diets at achieving long-term weight loss. In fact, some higher-fat diets were actually more effective than the low-fat option.

However, the real finding from this study was that, overall, no diet is really that effective at helping you keep weight off. The study found that the average weight loss of participants over 12 months was only 3.75 kilograms. In the future, try a more effective approach with some of these weight-loss methods:

Find an effective weight-loss program

Stop restricting yourself and enjoy the pleasures of life by enjoying food again - including dessert! When reviewing weight-loss programs, look for an option that will help you manage your weight without forcing you to cut your favorite foods out of your diet. Instead of telling you what not to eat, an effective program should show you how to revamp your lifestyle so you're eating in moderation and exercising a little bit each day.

Fatty foods tend to be the products people enjoy the most, so if you break away from your diet, you'll probably end up binge eating and gaining your weight back. Some weight-loss programs, however, actually accommodate your cravings by showing you how to serve yourself a healthy portion of the food - this keeps you from overeating and staves off overpowering urges to consume a whole cake! 

A family sitting in a restaurant. Eating out with friends and family can be hard when you're trying to lose weight.

Learn tips and tricks for healthy eating

A good weight-loss program not only helps you lose weight but also teaches you how to keep it off. You need to learn how to create a well-balanced plate every time you sit down to eat, whether you're at home or a restaurant with friends. It's also imperative that you figure out what kind of exercise routine works best for your schedule and body. 

For example, running two to three miles a day isn't for everyone. You might be better off using home workout videos or group exercises. An effective program will encourage you to get moving and find activities to do that you will enjoy. You'll be more likely to stick with a workout that you actually have fun doing, which will likely lead you closer to your ultimate weight-loss goals.    

You can find even more useful information by joining the Food Lovers Fat Loss Program, which encourages eating your favorite foods in a sensible way and finding enjoyable workouts. 


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