Deciding to take action to lose weight is a big step and can be tough if you don't know which method will work best for you. With so many weight loss and diet plans out there, the choice can be overwhelming. The truth is, each weight loss plan works for someone, but no weight loss plan works for everyone. Are you curious about trying the Food Lovers Fat Loss System or Whole30? Both systems focus on a lifestyle change rather than a crash diet that sets you up for failure, but they just have different methods of ingraining these habits into your life. Read ahead and see what best fits your lifestyle and eating habits:

The Food Lovers Fat Loss System focuses on eating healthy without depriving yourself of your favorite foods - even if other weight loss plans would consider these foods "cheat foods." In many cases, avoiding your sweet or fattening treats causes you to crave them and binge later, and you end up consuming more calories than you would had you just eaten what you wanted to begin with. With Food Lovers, you learn how to eat the right combination of slow and fast carbs and protein to promote a boosted metabolism and weight loss while still eating dessert. The program has a 21-day ramp up process, though you can continue for as long as you want. While the first 21 days may feel like a diet because you change your eating habits up a bit, it isn't - it's an eating plan. Some people follow the eating guidelines until they reach their goal weights, while others make it a life-long habit. Plus, who doesn't want to learn how to cook new meals, especially if they're healthy?

"Food Lovers offers you a way to lose fat without missing your favorite foods."

Whole30 has a different approach. While Food Lovers' main draw is the fact that you don' t deprive yourself, a large part of Whole30 is about deprivation. Whole30 doesn't focus on fat loss so much as how food makes your body feel. The program boasts that foods like sugar, grains and dairy have a negative impact on your body composition that can lead to digestive, skin and fertility issues. The Whole30 program cuts a good chunk out of your diet for a month with the intention of showing participants how much better their bodies can feel without them. Whole30 dieters are to step away from the scale the entire month so they can just focus on how they feel rather than physical results of the program. It's up to dieters to decide how they continue eating once Whole30 is over. On the Whole30 diet, you cannot consume:

  • Added sugar in any form, including maple syrup, honey, agave, coconut sugar, Splenda, Equal, xylitol or stevia.
  • Alcohol.
  • Grains, like bread and pasta.
  • Legumes, like beans, peanuts and lentils.
  • Dairy, like cheese and milk.
  • Carrageenan, MSG or sulfites.

The idea of paying money to eat healthy might sound absurd to people. After all, you're already buying the food, why pay to learn how to eat it? However, paying for a weight loss system can be be beneficial and the knowledge you gain lasts a lifetime. Spending money on it can keep you motivated to stick with it. You're less likely to give up if you have a couple more monthly payments left. Affordability is a factor, though. The Food Lovers Fat Loss System is only $119 overall via six monthly payments of $19.99, though the knowledge you gain lasts a lifetime. In addition to learning how to eat properly and prepare foods that promote a fast metabolism, you also have access to the 21-Day Metabolism Makeover, which is full of guidelines, tips and recipes. Learn to turn your favorite dishes into healthy alternatives without depriving yourself.

Whole30 doesn't allow weighing or measuring for the duration of the diet.Whole30 doesn't allow weighing or measuring for the duration of the diet.

A basic Whole30 plan doesn't cost anything, as the guidelines are right on the diet's official website. However, there are authorized books with tips and recipes that do cost money. The catch, though, is that Whole30-approved foods tend to cost quite a bit more than a lot of foods that you would normally buy. If you're pregnant and are looking to kick start your metabolism, there is a program specifically designed for pregnant women that costs $149 for the standard package and $249 for the VIP.

 Which one is best for you?
The Food Lovers Fat Loss System is intended for just that - fat loss. If you have a lot of favorite foods that other diets would consider vices, Food Lovers allows you to still consume them and continue to lose weight as long as you stick to the other meal planning guidelines. If you want a plan specifically tailored to make you lose weight, Food Lovers is for you. Whole30, however, focuses on helping your body work more efficiently whether you lose weight or not. If your issues lie more in what's going on in your body than your jeans size, Whole30 is specifically designed to target that goal, and you'll find more success with Whole30.


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