Whether you're trying to lose a few pounds or drop a significant amount of weight, it's good to have guidance. When you're looking at programs, make sure you compare how different systems work. Here's a look at how Nutrisystem compares with Food Lovers:

How they work

The Food Lover's Fat Loss System teaches you how to eat the foods you love and lose weight all at once. During the initial 21-day metabolism makeover, you learn how to build a fat-loss plate and balance your intake to promote weight loss. Nutrisystem works differently. When you use this system, you order pre-made dishes for each meal, and supplement those with fresh fruits and veggies from the store. The meals are specifically designed to encourage weight loss, and the whole program is built around reducing the work you need to do to lose weight. While this might sound appealing, this kind of program doesn't give users the skills to maintain a healthy weight once they've reached it.


Many diets dramatically restrict the types of foods you're allowed to eat, but that isn't exactly where Nutrisystem restricts. Its menus have a wide variety of options, including sweets and desserts. However, the Nutrisystem process is restrictive in and of itself. There's no room to experiment or learn with Nutrisystem. You can't figure out your own recipes, or find out how to determine portion sizes when you're looking at a multi-person meal. You also can't enjoy something as simple as going out to a restaurant with this program, since there's no guidance on how to handle non-Nutrisystem meals. With Food Lovers, however, you're encouraged to learn by doing. Eating a balanced, nutritious diet takes practice, and you'll never figure it out if it's just handed to you. Food Lovers gives you the skills you need to succeed on your own where Nutrisystem forces you to rely on their shipments of pre-packaged foods. 

Cooking is part of being healthy and losing weight - Nutrisystem robs you of that skill.Cooking is part of being healthy and losing weight - Nutrisystem robs you of that skill.

Convenience vs. Quality

Although the idea of having meals delivered to your door might seem tempting (particularly if you already have a jam-packed schedule) the question of quality must be considered. After all, frozen foods like those provided in the Nutrisystem program are full of preservatives and other chemicals your body doesn't need. When you make your own food, you have first-hand knowledge of exactly what you're eating. This gives you far more power and control over what you're consuming - a vital step toward taking in the right balance of nutrients and making your metabolism work for you. 


Nutrisystem comes with a significant price tag, even when you consider that it cuts out a large portion of your grocery bill. Plans start at around $300 a month, and can cost more than $400 a month. In addition, you still have to buy some fresh foods, like fruits and veggies. The Food Lover's Fat Loss System comes in at around $20 dollars a month for six months - and that's it. According to the USDA, a moderate monthly grocery bill for a single individual comes out to around $260. Add those costs together, and you're still spending less than you would with Nutrisystem.

Big Differences

When it comes to the kinds of foods and meals you'll be eating, Food Lovers and Nutrisystem are fairly similar. The big difference between the two of them, however, all comes down to freedom and empowerment. When you use Nutrisystem, your only connection to your food is selecting a certain meal online. After that, you don't have anything to do with what you're putting into your body until you actually do it. Though you may lose weight this way, what happens when you arrive at your goal? You'll need to learn how to make nutritious choices without the meals being brought straight to your door.

That's what Food Lovers really provides - the freedom and ability to make your own nutritious, slimming choices, and the knowledge to carry those choices past your weight loss and into a fit, healthy life. You can eat anything you like in the Food Lover's plan - it's all about making the meals you enjoy the most fit into your lifestyle.