A Food Lovers Success Story: I have been on several diets, but Food Lovers is not like the other diets because it is not a diet. FL teaches you to live a healthier life by making good decisions about what you eat and how much you eat at one time. They have CD's, and books that guide you through the program, there are group sessions, chat rooms and blogs where you share and exchange ideas - your good and not so good days. I couldn't read everything at first but through the buddy system I chose from a lot of people some really great ladies who answered all my continuous questions with such patience. They did not remind me that I could have known that if I had read or listened to the CD's.

Most of all I found a great coach and several ladies who constantly shared and encouraged me. In a short time I have gradually learned to make things habits that seem natural to my life, and my body tells me what it needs. Keeping my blood sugar level is so important. Getting better sleep and working out in ways that are best for me has just become so natural for me. All the ladies I have interacted with have different social or physical problems and want to live healthier and reduce the stress and pain in their lives. Food Lovers allow you to do this. You take time to build a better you at your pace and with much back up. Someone is always there to listen to me. I am losing weight, and gaining and losing inches for the better. I am not going at a fast pace because I have osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and I am dealing with torn meniscus in my knees right now. But with everyone's help I find ways that work best for me. Food Lovers is very forgiving. If you are not on track. blew a day or so, you just start again. No pressure but good results as long as you are determined to learn and find a whole new wonderful way to living.

I am 72 year young and I am only 4' 10" and already I am confident I will succeed in losing the 30 pounds I set out to do. The Food Lovers Fat Loss System done at your own pace but with determination opens up the door to a way of life which you can actually share with your family and not have separate meals for you and other meals for your family. I am so grateful to have found this program, and I hope others will do the same.

"Domino: Amazon Reviews on August 18, 2016"