In 2015, the world searched the Web high and low for the perfect weight-loss solution. Here's a look at the top 10 trending Google searches for "diet," along with a brief analysis of each:

1. 20/20 Diet

Quick Summary: Very restrictive

This diet plan, created by Dr. Phil McGraw (of Dr. Phil fame) could be good for someone who needs a lot of structure but would probably be pretty hard to stick to for most people. For the first five days of the diet, you can only eat food on the 20/20 approved list. After that, you can bring in other items, but your meals are still focused on the 20/20 approved foods. Here at Food Lovers, we think restricting your diet to certain items only leads to eventually caving and giving up entirely.

Cake has it's place in a healthy lifestyle, too. Cake has it's place in a healthy lifestyle, too.

2. Carb Cycle Diet

Quick Summary: Complicated

The Carb Cycle Diet has its roots in bodybuilding. The idea is that some days you eat few or no carbs, and others you eat lots and lots of carbs. Theoretically, this kind of diet will allow you to lose weight and build muscle simultaneously. Although many body builders have found success with this plan, it's complicated enough that it might not be right for someone just looking to lose weight. Finding a healthy balance of slow and fast carbs can help you shed pounds without having wildly alternating carb days.

3. Paleo Diet

Quick Summary: Restrictive and Outdated

The idea behind the Paleolithic diet is that if you eat like the cavemen ate, you'll lose weight and be healthier overall. For someone with a ton of willpower, or someone who already totally avoids processed foods, this could work out. If you're a big fan of things like wheat, dairy or potatoes, however, Paleo is probably not the right choice for you. The reality is, you can slim down and be healthy without regressing back to the diets humans had before they figured out how to farm.

4. GM Diet Plan

Quick Summary: Short-lived

The GM Diet Plan is a seven-day plan that's supposed to get you to shed around 10 pounds in a week. Anything that makes these kinds of promises is bad news - even on the website promoting the GM diet, it says flat-out this method of weight loss can come with serious side effects, and users will likely gain their weight back once they're off it. You can lose weight quickly and healthily, but 10 pounds lost in a week is rarely good news.

5. Military Diet Plan

Quick Summary: Long-term disaster

Remember in the last section, where we said anything that promised 10 pounds lost in a week was bad news? The Military Diet Plan makes the same kinds of promises. It's actually a three-day meal plan, and it's ridiculously detailed - it's not just types of foods or calorie numbers, it's the literal meals you'll eat. It's not designed for tasting great, either: One of the lunches is literally a cup of coffee, a piece of toast, and a can of tuna. Although you'll likely lose weight on this plan, you'll almost certainly gain it back right away once you return to a normal diet.

6. Atkins Induction Diet

Quick Summary: Restrictive

Atkins diet says you can eat anything you want ... as long as it doesn't have any carbs. At the start of this diet, you're leaving out a lot of foods you might love: Even healthy items like fruit are a no at the beginning of Atkins. A lot of people find success on Atkins, and it could be great for someone who needs a lot of structure and guidance. However, like anything that cuts out a whole food group, the odds are good you'll end up craving carbs, falling off the diet, and feeling totally discouraged.

Protein is wonderful, but carbs are a stellar companion. Protein is wonderful, but carbs are a stellar companion.

7. Seven Day Soup Diet

Quick Summary: "Fad," like "bad" with an F

Fad diets like the Seven Day Soup Diet are surefire ways to go through the ups and downs of yo-yo dieting. Any weight you do lose after eating only soup for a week isn't going to stay lost, and you can't just stay on the soup diet - your body will literally stop working properly if you tried to follow this meal plan long term. Skip the fad diets, and go for a weight-loss plan that promotes a healthy balance of foods, like the Food Lover's Fat Loss Program.

8. 500 Calorie Diet

Quick Summary: Yikes

Your body needs a certain amount of food per day to survive. The amount of energy produced by only 500 calories is far too little. While there are circumstances where someone might need to go on this kind of dramatically restrictive diet, it's only under the suggestion and supervision of a doctor. If you've been given this diet plan by your physician, follow his or her instructions. If you haven't, do not restrict your eating to this degree. It's ridiculously bad for you, and totally unsustainable - you will gain back any weight you lose once you start eating normally again.

This is no way to live your life. This is no way to live your life.

9. Zero Carb Diet

Quick Summary: We feel like a broken record.

We've said it before, we'll say it again: Cutting out an entire food group isn't a good idea unless there's a medical reason to do so. Carbs are good for you - they give you energy, and they help your body do the things it needs to do to survive. Weight loss shouldn't be about shedding pounds at the expense of your body's well-being: It should be about making your body work well enough that it can lose weight sustainably.

10. Yes You Can Diet Plan

Quick Summary: Cute rhyme, seems pricey

This diet is your average "we'll send you protein shakes and snacks" diet, although it does come with a Latin twist. It's the kind of diet plan that might work ... for some people ... if they can afford to keep up with it. However, with all of its meal replacements and appetite suppressant pills, it smacks of the kind of diet that's more focused on getting you to buy things than getting you to lose weight.

Make 2016 Great

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