There are examples of weight loss trends just about everywhere you look. Ads are prominently featured at bus stations, on Facebook and in those glossy magazines you read at the dentist. Unfortunately, a lot of the very simple ideas in these ads don't really promote weight loss. Here is some information to help you understand why many weight-loss trends are not successful:

Drinking lemon water
Lifehack claims, "The benefits of lemon water are seemingly endless." Some people drink this beverage daily in the hopes it will help them lose weight. Blogger Wellness Mama notes it's a good idea to enjoy this simple cuppa in the morning. Shape wrote that lemon water does have benefits but it's not a cure-all. In reality, adding some lemon to a cup of hot water can be helpful. The citrus fruit adds a dose of vitamin C which is good for your immune system. However, it has not been proven that lemon water aids in digestion or will help you lose weight. To truly shed fat and live a better life you can't just start drinking one new type of beverage. Instead, a healthy weight-loss journey includes becoming educated about how to change your lifestyle to both lose fat and maintain your weight loss. The Food Lovers Fat Loss program focuses on helping you understand how your metabolism works and then maximizing its effects by creating a fat loss plate. 

juice cleanse, weight loss, fad diet, detoxJuice cleanses don't provide ample calories to fuel your body and can leave you hungry for days.

Trying a juice cleanse
We all have a friend or two that came in to work cranky, claiming they were on day two of a juice cleanse. These supposed detoxification plans involve drinking specific juices for a series of days without eating or drinking anything else. Some come in flavors that resemble real produce like carrot, orange, apple and celery. Others you can make at home, like the infamous cayenne pepper, lemon juice, water and maple syrup detox. These may sound like quick ways to lose weight, but the results are not sustainable. Plus, the reason your friend or coworker was so crabby is because he or she was starving. Food Lovers Fat Loss System does not involve forcing yourself to eat or drink only specific foods and beverages. You won't even have to stop enjoying chocolate or your favorite treats. Instead, you'll learn how to create healthy fat-loss meals and snacks that provide the right ratio of protein and fast and slow carbs to promote consistent weight loss without hunger and mood swings.

Wearing special shoes
Several major shoe brands have come out with pairs that are supposed to tone the wearers legs and promote weight loss through normal daily walking.

"Feeling sore doesn't mean you're burning more calories."

The shoes often look a little funny with their rounded bottoms and can actually make you sore from completely altering the way you walk. The American Council on Exercise studied toning shoes and found that manufacturers' claims that the shoes help wearers burn more calories, improve energy consumption and tone their legs are untrue. Some people who tried the shoes even found they experienced back and leg pain after several hours of average activity.

The ACE notes that some bloggers shared they felt sore and assumed that meant the shoes were working. In reality, the shoes simply make you feel different because you're walking on much higher cushioning than you normally would. Instead of forking over $100 or more for tone up shoes, try a weight-loss program that actually works. Food Lovers Fat Loss System is not a quick fix like many of the trends above, and that's a good thing. Users actually learn how to change their lifestyle to embark on a weight-loss journey, instead of simply eating - or drinking - one thing for a week or swapping out a pair of shoes.


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