The journey to losing weight takes determination, support and a program that provides users with the information they need to get healthy and stay healthy. If you've decided to take the first step toward weight loss, you're probably wondering where to start. You're in the right place. Here is a comparison of the Food Lovers Fat Loss System and Alli to show you the differences and similarities to help you make the best choice for your body:

The Food Lovers Fat Loss program starts with a 21-day metabolism-boost makeover. With this program, you won't deprive yourself of any of your favorite foods. Instead, the program teaches users how to combine the right amounts of protein, fast carbs and slow carbs at each meal in a way that increases your metabolism so your body learns to burn fat rather than store it.

"Food Lovers doesn't believe in deprivation and food avoidance."

You won't ever starve, skip meals or avoid going out on the Food Lovers plan. Unlike conventional diets, this isn't a quick-fix. You'll actually learn how to alter your lifestyle in a sustainable way. There is no meal-delivery service involved. Instead, you'll receive helpful step-by-step guides like the "21 Day Metabolism Makeover," "Million Meals Menu Planner" and the "Love To Eat Cookbook." You'll learn that avoiding foods isn't necessary in order to lose weight; you'll also learn to create a fat-loss plate from the various foods you love, which helps boost your metabolism and makes it easy to slim down without feeling deprived.

The program also includes "Classic Comfort Food Recipe Cards." This can help you slightly adjust the ingredients in your favorite dishes to enjoy home-cooked meals without the guilt and extra calories. The program even offers tips on how to maintain your goal weight once you've achieved optimal health, and offer ways to lose fat even when you dine out.

Alli is a weight-loss pill that claims to remove an extra pound for every two that you would lose without the program. The supplements prevent 25 percent of the fat you eat from being absorbed into your body. The pill is FDA-approved and only slightly affects the bloodstream so it has not been known to cause cardiovascular or nervous system damage. The pill is available over-the-counter to individuals over age 18 that have a body mass index over 25. For every 15 grams of fat users consume, they take one Alli pill. It's important to not exceed three pills in a day Additionally, less than 30 percent of your diet should come from fat. It's also necessary to take a daily vitamin and stay hydrated while taking Alli. The program includes meal suggestions and activity ideas to help users reach their weight-loss goals.

Some people who take Alli find they develop digestive issues, such as frequent bowel movements, that make attending gatherings or even going to work difficult.

"Some people who take Alli develop digestive issues."

Bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, long-term malnutrition and urgent bowel movements may also occur if you take this diet pill.

Alli costs around $69.99 for 120 pills. One pack may last about a month, with each pill costing $5.83. You have to purchase a new pack every month until you've reached your weight-loss goal, which may take many months. The Food Lover Fat Loss program costs $119, an estimated $0.65 per day. The program offers a payment plan where you can pay just $19.99 for six months to better suit your budget. Once paid for, there is nothing else to purchase and no reoccurring costs. Instead, you have all the tools you need to change your lifestyle for the better, lose all the weight you want and maintain your ideal body for as long as you like.

Your best bet 
Plans like Alli are often not sustainable because of the high cost and lack of knowledge about how to make lifestyle changes that will help keep the weight off once you've lost it. For those who want a more long-term solution, the Food Lovers Fat Loss system may be the better choice. It teaches you how to alter your lifestyle to promote a faster metabolism and healthier eating without having to deprive yourself of your favorite foods. This is not a miracle solution. Instead, you'll learn and grow from this method, changing your lifestyle instead of just your meals and eating habits.