Figuring out which weight-loss program is right for you can be a challenge. There are so many options out there, and each program has little differences that can make or break your success. Moreover, what works for one person might be a disaster for another. This all means that the right decision is often anything but clear. Here's a quick guide to the big differences between two of the most popular weight loss programs, Weight Watchers and The Food Lovers Fat Loss System, so you can find out which program is right for you:


The Food Lovers Fat Loss program begins by walking you step-by-step through a three week process of making over your metabolism in order to jumpstart your weight loss. It then teaches you how to eat real food – all the same foods you are eating now - in a way that creates consistent and reliable weight loss. The program then provides you with the methods and tools to maintain your weight loss and establish a healthy lifestyle going forward. It's all about learning how to use the foods you love to work for you, not against you, so that you can lose weight and be healthy without deprivation or being sabotaged or intimidated by everyday foods. There's nothing complicated about Food Lovers - it's a refreshingly simplistic take on losing weight and keeping it off for life. 

Weight Watchers takes a different approach. The program is very community-guided, and was originally based around attending weekly meetings where you discuss methods and weigh-in in front of Weight Watchers staff - or, in some cases, in sight of the group. This is still a large part of the program, although there is an online-only version now.

It also uses a complicated point system to keep track of intake and make sure you're cutting back enough to lose weight. The point system is roughly based on calories, but also takes nutritional density into account to encourage a good balance. Because these different factors are all taken into account, it's very complicated to figure out the "points" for any food item that's not already included in the system. Food Lovers gives you control of how you track your intake, so you're never unsure when making your meal plan.


The cost for the Food Lovers Fat Loss System is a one-time fee of $119 (plus a fee for shipping) or one can make payments of $19.99 a month for six months. A six month investment in Weight Watchers costs, on average, about $190. A lot can affect Weight Watchers' cost, however - different regions have different fees, so meetings and membership might be more or less depending on where you are. However, that single fee of $119 for Food Lovers is the cost for the entire program – no matter how long it takes you to lose the desired amount of weight. If it takes you longer than six months to lose weight with Weight Watchers, you're going to be paying more in the long run.

Your Best Bet

If you really think you'll need those in-person meetings to stay on track, Weight Watchers could be worth it. The Food Lover's Fat Loss System does provide support and community, but not in the same way. Some people thrive under a heavily monitored environment, and that's certainly what Weight Watchers provides.

However, if you're not interested in meeting up regularly, or if you just don't think it will make much of a difference either way, Food Lover's is probably the better bet. Not only is it likely to cost less in the long run, but you're also using a system that encourages you to maintain your weight loss on your own. Weight Watchers is designed to make your weight loss dependent on the system. Food Lovers is designed to teach you how to be healthy on your own. In addition, the Food Lovers online community will still give you a place to talk with others and share advice and tips.