You may exercise daily, eat right and still not lose weight. Does this sound familiar? You're not alone. Many people are frustrated at their inability to shed pounds - even when they're supposedly "doing everything right." In reality, there are some smaller lifestyle changes that you may need to make in order to lose weight. Here are some common bad habits that may slow your progress:

Not taking breaks at work
We've all been the co-worker eating quickly in front of our computer before heading to a meeting. While it's good to eat at work, it's more important to eat right. That means taking a full break. Step away from the desk, preferably the office too, and eat some real food. When you skip breaks, you're more likely to eat junk food snacks throughout the day. Most vending machine items that are available in offices across the U.S. offer only high-fat, salty and sugary treats. While you're getting a few calories in, you're likely to face an energy crash when those fast-burning carbohydrates and sugars burn off. Then, you'll be hungry again and may return to the vending machine for more sustenance.

Instead, pack a full lunch from home, like a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with a cheese stick and some dark chocolate. This combination of fast and slow carbs and protein is a great example of a fat-loss plate. You can learn about how to lose weight without having to give up any of your favorite foods through the Food Lovers Fat Loss program.

"There are two major energy providers: food and sleep. "

Not getting enough sleep
There are two major energy providers: food and sleep. The best way to promote a fast metabolism, lose weight and feel healthy is to get enough sleep and eat well. Even if you are eating healthy fat-loss plates that provide long-lasting energy, a lack of rest can slow your weight loss progress. Sleeping allows our bodies to rest and repair, preparing for the day ahead. Without ample sleep you'll be more likely to have cravings and end up overeating snacks that aren't great for your body.

With the Food Lovers Fat Loss program, you'll learn how to create fat-loss plates using all your favorite foods, meals that not only help you lose weight but also provide longer-lasting energy. You won't have to starve yourself, avoid snacks or even avoid specific items. When you've eaten a healthy breakfast, you'll feel the difference in the amount of energy you have to face the day with. Add that to a solid night of 7-9 hours sleep and you'll have plenty of energy to make it through the day and even a workout.

Not paying attention to your food
Most Americans are mindless eaters. This means they will let a steaming plate of delicious spaghetti begin to grow cold while they spend 10 minutes searching for something to watch on TV. It's much easier to eat too-large portions and not-so-healthy foods if you're not actually paying attention when you eat. Plus, chewing is a huge factor in how your body digests food. If you're too busy laughing at a rom-com to carefully chew every bite, you may experience gas and bloating.

The longer food sits in your stomach and intestines, the more it ferments and builds up gasses. Those couple bites you didn't chew properly may leave you feeling puffy for a day or two. The next time you eat, put down your phone and the remote. Look at your food as you eat. Think about the action of chewing and make sure you've completely smashed every bit of food in your mouth before swallowing. This mindfulness also helps prevent overeating because the simple act of being aware of the food you eat, how it tastes, the various textures and quantity helps your body realize when you're no longer hungry.

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"Cheating" is impossible when you're not following a strict do-not-eat list.

Taking "cheat" days
Often when people are dieting and feel stressed, they give themselves permission to "cheat" their weight loss plan. This may mean skipping workouts for a few days or eating chocolate cake for dinner. Not only do these habits hinder weight loss, they also likely make you feel guilty. It's impossible to cheat with the Food Lovers Fat Loss plan. Because there is no strict "do-not-eat" list, you'll never need a cheat day! Instead, you'll understand how to alter your favorite foods, from cozy Southern cooking to Midwestern hotdish, to include the right combinations of slow and fast carbohydrates and proteins that promote a faster metabolism. Also, when you feel the need to take a cheat day it's likely because you're stressed about something. This is the best time to stick to your weight loss plan. Going for a jog or heading to a yoga class can greatly relieve your anxiety and clear your head. Plus, your brain will release happiness hormones that may inspire you to go home and cook a delicious, healthy meal. 

Keeping your kitchen unorganized
Just about everyone's got a junk drawer full of doo dads that don't really have a "home." However, your kitchen and pantry shouldn't turn into a junk room. If your pots and pans, dishware and even refrigerator are unorganized, you'll be less likely to want to cook. Just walking in to your kitchen can be stress-inducing if it's not clean and ready for use. Take a full day to clean out the fridge, toss any old food from the pantry and dust out your cupboards. When this workspace is in good shape, it's a lot more inviting to cook in after a long day at work. Plus, you can take a full inventory of what foods you have on hand so you're ready to dive into a tasty fat-loss recipe.