For people looking to improve their health and quality of life through weight loss, it's important to note the way to a thinner body is not through food avoidance. Instead, eating a combination of the right foods and exercising will set you on the path to better health and a trimmer physique. Fitness trackers are one tool that many people use to stay accountable for their workouts. Not sure how to integrate this resource into your weight-loss plan? Read on.

What are fitness trackers?
If you've encountered any advertisements during the holiday season, you likely came across some for fitness trackers. These devices are wearable and sit next to the skin to allow for heartbeat monitoring. Many come in wrist bands while others look like necklace charms. There are even some free-hanging options that you can attach to your clothing when you work out. What does this wearable technology do? It depends on the device.

"Consider your goals and cost when buying a fitness tracker."

The most basic ones track the wearer's steps, allowing you to take note of how far you've walked each day. Many connect with an app so you can view more detailed information, such as elevation gain, with the help of a smartphone, tablet or computer. More expensive fitness trackers can note sleeping patterns such as when you go to bed and how much rest you get during the night. Advanced versions also contain GPS systems to help you navigate while hiking, walking or taking part in other physical activities. If you're looking to purchase a fitness tracker, first determine what you want to measure. Then, figure in cost and you'll be able to find a device that fits into your price range and help you toward your goal of losing weight in a healthy way.

Integrating a fitness tracker into your weight loss plan 
Some people use fitness-tracking devices to simply note how active they are during the day. This is a good way to start out if you want to make changes in your lifestyle. Note your average steps per day, then slowly work on increasing that number. Make sure you wear your device every day to count each hard-earned step! You can increase your count by:

  • Hosting walking meetings where you take phone calls or stroll around the block with colleagues.
  • Enjoy a roving lunch break as you eat foods you like and burn fat at the same time.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator to increase your step amount, elevation and heart rate.
  • Walk the dog instead of letting it loose in the backyard.
  • Take your kids on a neighborhood adventure on foot to spot interesting birds and animals, and to get to know the neighbors.

treadmill, step count, fitness tracker, wearable device, weight lossYou don't have to get on a treadmill to increase your step count.

Some fitness trackers also count calories burned. If you are using the Food Lovers Fat Loss System, pay no attention to these numbers. It's easy to become obsessed with all the data these devices provide. Instead of staring at your stats and fretting about weight loss, get out there and shed some pounds through healthy eating.

Using a fitness tracker in your daily life won't be a magic fix-all when it comes to losing weight. But it can help you reach your weight loss goals a lot quicker, especially when combined with a healthy fat-loss and exercise system like the Food Lovers Fat Loss Program. You'll learn how to speed up your metabolism while still eating all your favorite foods. The program promotes three meals a day plus snacks, so there's no starving yourself and no feelings of deprivation. We don't offer preservative-filled prepackaged meals or food delivery. Instead, our program is about teaching ways to cook and eat real food - all the foods you eat now - in a way that helps you shed pounds rather than gain them. Best of all, you won't be hungry and dreaming of dessert! Combined with our easy activity routines, you quickly discover how simple losing weight - and keeping it off - can be.

Starting to exercise and eat differently is a scary topic for many people. With the help of the Food Lovers Fat Loss Program, you won't feel alone in your journey. You can visit our blog for helpful tips and advice, as well as connect with others who are losing weight the healthy way. Uniting our expertise in simple, easy-to-do techniques with your dreams of weight loss will help you earn the body and confidence you deserve.

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