With the end of the year rapidly approaching, many people are starting to come up with resolutions for 2017. Of course, one of the most popular resolutions every year is to lose weight. Although this is a common goal, many people find they're unable to stick to it for more than a month or so. That's not to say that losing weight in the new year is impossible - it just takes a different approach than most people think. Here are four New Year's resolutions you can make that will help you keep your weight-loss goals on track:

1. Quit dieting

That's right, we said it: Quit dieting. Although fad diets and dramatic food cuts might make you lose weight in the short term, they're a temporary solution. As soon as you stop dieting and start eating the way you'd like to, the odds are good you'll gain back any weight you lost. This happens because diets don't offer realistic options to carry you through your entire life. Instead of trying to deprive yourself of your favorite foods, adapt a lifestyle change that will carry you past weight loss and into a healthy lifestyle forever. The Food Lover's Fat Loss System, for example, can guide you through this kind of change. Instead of positioning food as an enemy to avoid, this program helps you use food – even your favorite 'naughty' foods – as a tool.

2. Move more

Maybe you already have a handle on food, but you still want to come up with a resolution that will help you keep your weight-loss momentum. Although weight loss is mostly about what you eat, starting a new exercise routine will give your efforts a boost. If you like to work out in groups, check out nearby gyms and fitness centers to see if there are any fun classes you can take. If you prefer to exercise solo, try running, biking or following workout-routine videos. No matter what you decide to do, resolving to move more will help you look and feel better. 

3. Experience nature

Make a resolution to get outside this year. Spending time outdoors is good for both your mind and your body. According to Healthline, sunlight triggers our brains' production of serotonin, a chemical that energizes you and boosts your mood. In addition, just 30 minutes in the sun is enough time for your body to start producing Vitamin D, which improves bone strength. Try taking up a hobby like swimming or hiking that gets you outdoors and in the sun.

Hiking, for example, gives you the benefits of sunshine, fresh air and exercise all at once. Hiking, for example, gives you the benefits of sunshine, fresh air and exercise all at once.

4. Hydrate

Dehydration causes fatigue, headache, moodiness and weight gain - it's so common that many people experience these symptoms and simply think they're normal. Fortunately, drinking more water and other fluids can have a dramatic and rapid effect. Resolve to drink at least 8 cups of water a day, and you'll start feeling happier and more energized. In addition, your body works at peak condition when it's well-hydrated, so drinking enough water is likely to make you start losing more weight.