When a friend is trying to make positive changes in his or her life, it's important to be there. If you have friends who are trying to lose weight, the odds are good they'll appreciate your support. That said, weight can be a sensitive subject, and it's easy to accidentally hurt someone's feelings when you're trying to help. Here are four ways you can support your friends that will hold them up rather than inadvertently breaking them down:

1. Show solidarity

One of the easiest ways you can let your friends know you're there for them is to tell them they're not alone! If you're also working to lose weight, or you have struggled with any of the same issues they're dealing with, let them know. You might shy away from saying this kind of thing, since it can easily feel like you're making their issue all about you. As long as you approach it with a "We're in this together" kind of attitude, however, they're likely to respond well. That said, never ask a friend who isn't trying to lose weight to lose weight with you, unless you absolutely know he or she is interested. It's easy to inadvertently offend someone this way.

2. Advise only when asked

If you're already losing weight with a program like The Food Lover's Fat Loss System, it's easy to feel like you already know the answers to all of your friends' problems. The reality is, you might: But wait until they tell you they're having a problem to solve it. Offering up unsolicited info is likely to go over poorly, since you're implying they don't know what they're doing. Unless your friend is doing something genuinely harmful, wait for them to come to you before you divulge your sage advice.

3. Be a sounding board

"Work together to overcome roadblocks"

Sometimes your friends will have problems you don't know how to solve. That's OK: You can still be there as a sounding board. Talk through problems your friends are having. The more minds you can put on an issue, the more likely you are to figure out a solution. The great thing about supporting your friends who are losing weight is that you can help each other find success. When one of you hits a roadblock, you can all work together to overcome it. Create an environment where your friends feel comfortable coming to you with issues, and in no time, you'll find your own efforts become easier as well.

4. Bring positivity

The biggest thing to remember when helping your friends lose weight is that you're there to make them feel good about what they're doing. If they have a bad day, let them know it's okay to slip up once in a while. If they start to feel bad about having not yet reached their goal, be there to remind them how far they've already come. By being a voice of positivity, you can help them stay inspired and on track.


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